The environment, ecology and health are an integral part of the Simaca mission.

Our Promise

Sustainable Sources

At Simaca, we source all of our hides and skins from reliable, sustainable tanneries from around the world. The large majority of our leathers are a direct bi-product of the meat industry. We don’t stock any rare or “exotic” animal leathers.

Sinus - the result of a partnership

The environment, ecology and health are an integral part of the Simaca mission. Meeting new industry challenges and consumer demands, Simaca established a partnership with the company Eduardo & Gaspar, creating Sinus to present new and greener solutions for the leather sector.

Environmental Impact

We are also very conscious of the chemicals used in the tanning of our leathers. Every one of our trusted and reputable suppliers strives to ensure that all environmental rules and regulations are met, in terms of both the chemicals and the processes used. All of our leathers comply with European standards. We are also happy to supply customers with product tests upon request.

Member of the LWG

The objective of this multi-stakeholder group is to develop and keep a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of the leather manufacturers, promoting sustainable and appropriate environmental practices within the leather industry. So, the Leather Working Group (LWG) seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement.

The group’s objective is to involve brands, suppliers, retailers, leading technical experts within the leather industry, NGOs and other stakeholder organizations. The members of the LWG are brands, retailers, product manufacturers, leather manufacturers, chemical suppliers and technical experts.