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SIMACA Group specializes in trading, finishing and supplying the finest leathers you find in shoes around the world.
Sustainability and technological innovation are the core guidelines of our vision.

Collaboration, Trust and Quality

We build strong and long-lasting collaborations with our clients and suppliers. We proudly call them our partners, whom we team up to find the best solutions for product development.

Behind every order, there’s always a commitment from our team to find the best solutions. Today, more than 400 clients trust us to supply leather for their high quality demanding products.

Leather Innovation

Over the last 5 years, we have highly bet on leather innovation, specifically in 4 different key specialties:


We have developed a metal-free tanning process – Bioquick® – which allows the leather to decompose itself in landfill 5 times faster than other traditional tanning processes.


We develop technical leathers aimed for specific usages: resistant to harsher mountain environments, antibacterial properties for healthcare, security, waterproof, and more…


A wholesome and soft touch, that provide a pleasant wear is what we aim for when developing for comfort in mind.


A fresh selection of leathers especially crafted with designers and fashion in mind, to answer next season’s demands.

SIMACA Group's LWG Certification

LWG Approved Trader

We are a certified Leather Working Group (LWG) approved trader. Every one of our trusted suppliers strives to ensure that all environmental rules and regulations are met, in terms of both the chemicals and the processes used. All of our leathers comply with European standards.

Order your samples

We are also happy to supply customers with product tests upon request.